I Have a New Job and Will Be Moving into a Great Place

I really wanted to apply with a company in the next city over, but was not sure if I could swing getting a new place to live in after I had just done so in my city six months earlier. I have two pets, so I paid a big pet deposit, along with the usual apartment deposit. I had even paid for the last month’s rent. I was telling my mom about it, and she said she has a friend whose daughter is looking for a roomie, and lives some sort of apartments there by the name of The Oaks that are supposed to be very nice. She said she would put me in touch with her friends daughter if I was truly interested.

After talking with the girl who was looking for a roommate, I found myself feeling excited for the first time in many years. We talked over the phone, and she told me all about the place she lives. She told me the website to visit so that I could see what they look like and learn more about them. My mouth fell open when I saw the photos because the place is beautiful. It is much nicer than any place that I have ever lived in, and I would only need to pay for 50 percent of the rent each month. I knew that if I landed a position with the company that I wanted to work for, I could swing that sort of rent very easily.

I got my resume updated and ready to send out. Then, I waited and hoped. A representative called me 24 hours later for an interview. Just two weeks later, I was hired. It was then that I called the girl who would be my new roomie and told her that I got it, and was ready to sign the lease to live with her.