First Resume for an Older Person

I am something of an odditity in my social circle. I have had the same job since I was in high school and I have never written a resume or went to a stressful job interview. Well, that is until this year. The used bookstore I had been managing couldn’t keep afloat anymore and had to close which meant for the first time in ten years I was on the hunt for a job. Having no idea what I was doing as far as resumes go, I decided to look into a resume writer service.

I met up with the writer and he asked me various questions about what I had been doing for work since high school, what kind of tasks and responsibilities I had been doing and what kinds of charitable endeavors I had undertaken. He drew up a beautiful resume that I was impressed with and it was mine. I could only hope that the people I would be giving the resume to would be equally impressed. I knew my chances of finding another bookstore were slim, given the advent of online shopping and e-books.

On the recommendation of the man who wrote out my beautiful resume, I handed it out to several recruiters and human resource professionals that I knew through friends. Thanks to his networking tips I was able to land several interviews and two job offers. Now I am working in a new field and loving every second of it. I wish I had tried out something new sooner. I could have had a more stable job and been doing something that I loved if I had just taken the time to get my resume written right after high school. I probably should have gone to college too, but at least I have a good job now.

Research Where You Invest Your Money

I had a friend tell me to go to a meeting where people were going to give testimony about how great their investments were paying off. I am always a little bit weary of how I am going to invest my money if it is not in the traditional way, and I was afraid that it was going to be a wealthy affiliate scam. I have heard of people going out and putting money into an investment group that they heard was great and it paid great dividends for them. I was hoping that this meeting was going to work out well for him.

I like to invest my money in traditional means, like pick a money market to expand my portfolio. Traditionally, a money market is one of the safest ways to go and it actually puts your money into more than just one stock. Continue reading Research Where You Invest Your Money

Asbestos Extraction Done by Professionals

The construction practices of the old days have left a lot of areas filled with asbestos. People back then didn’t really do as much research into materials before they used them like they do today. Products these days are tested repeatedly before they ever get to the market, and if they aren’t safe for usage on humans, then they are sent back or shelved. I was unaware that in the attic of my home was asbestos. I called a special company to do asbestos disposal in Sydney, because if I tried to do it myself, I would have put my own life in danger.

Asbestos fibers are so small that they can easily be breathed in without anyone noticing. Working around it without any protection, even to remove it, can result in lung damage that can also cause cancer. I don’t know of anyone who has been affected by asbestos, but I’m sure there are many people out there who have, and they didn’t even know it was happening until it was too late. Continue reading Asbestos Extraction Done by Professionals