Great Music Led to a Great Relationship

When my cousin’s friend asked me where she could baixar mp3, I told her that I knew of a site that had really great music in both her language as well as English. She is Portuguese, but she has lived here in the United States for many years. While she has adapted really well, she still enjoys listening to the music that her parents and grandparents had played in the house she grew up in. I cannot really blame her, because I really like it and I am not even Portuguese. Continue reading Great Music Led to a Great Relationship

A Website That Will Save My Business

I thought it would be easy to create a website. Actually, it was very easy. However, it is not easy to create a great and effective website. It only took me a few hours to create one for my small business using templates that were easy to find. It looked so horrible though. I knew that if I was going to have an online presence, it would not be because of something I created. That is why I started looking at different companies that provide Detroit web design services.

I definitely wanted a local company to help me with my website because I am a huge supporter of local businesses. Continue reading A Website That Will Save My Business