Creating a Pay Stub for Verification Purposes

When my wife and I finally decided to buy a new car, I was really excited. We went down to the dealership and test drove several vehicles. By the end of the experience, we had selected our favorite. We sat down with the finance manager, and filled out all the required forms. At the very end, he asked me for copies of my last three pay stubs. At first I thought that this could derail our entire vehicle purchase, but then my wife reminded me about, a website we had used the past. The problem is, my employer doesn’t give me pay stubs. I get paid by check once a week, but there isn’t a traditional paystub attached to it.

I remembered something very similar happening when we tried to buy our home. They wanted copies of our previous pay stubs, and I was having difficulty getting my employer to come up with something. Continue reading Creating a Pay Stub for Verification Purposes

Scrap Dealers Pay Different Prices

Most people don’t collect enough scrap metal to need to know the price of scrap metal. For someone like me though, it is how I make a decent amount of money every month. I go around the area neighborhoods the night before their trash is picked up the next morning, and I look to see if anyone has put out anything that contains scrap metal. You would be surprised at just how quickly it can accumulate. People don’t really think about taking a filing cabinet or a piece of lead up to a recycling plant or scrap metal yard because it really is not worth their while.

For someone like me though who collects it on a regular basis, I make enough to pay my mortgage and car payment every month along with some other extras. I was taking everything to the scrap yard that is closest to me, but I stopped doing that when I found a website online that a lot of the different scrap dealers all across the nation on it. Continue reading Scrap Dealers Pay Different Prices

Keeping Myself Fresh and Clean

Ever since I was a little boy, I had weird allergies. My body was sensitive to a lot of things. I found out at an early age that I was allergic to chocolate. When I ate it, I would get sick and have weird bumps on my face. I used to love to eat chocolate candy bars, but I had to stop because of my allergies. I discovered that I was allergic to my favorite deodorant. I needed to find deodorant for sensative skin.

For years, I used my favorite deodorant to keep me fresh. When I would sweat or get hot, it kept me from sweating profusely and smelling foul. I did not want to smell bad around my peers, especially the females around me. Continue reading Keeping Myself Fresh and Clean