I Found out Why So Many Trees Lining City Sidewalks Are Shaped Funny

We finally bought a house about five years ago. We are proud homeowners, but it takes a bit of getting used to after growing up in and living in apartments our whole lives. I had only cut grass on weekends at my grandfather’s house. I enjoyed it. I used his push mower, riding mower and the gas-powered weed trimmer since I was 12. Now I have my own law to take care of. My wife and I had it looking nice, but our trees got shabby looking. We called a tree service in Long Island to come out and prune them the right way.

I had never pruned a tree, so I would probably end up killing them all. I have trimmed an arborvitae using hedge trimmers. It is round with a flat top. I tried to bring that shape back and kept going around and around. Well, my first attempt made it a skinny arborvitae. I have gotten better each season with it and the hedges. However, I had no idea on how to trim a tree. My wife is great with the flowers and pampas grasses. She has the planting beds looking like ones at a mansion, but neither one of us knew anything about pruning trees.

The tree service in Long Island came out and had all of our trees done in no time. They took special care of the ones out front to keep them away from the wires on the telephone poles. They said if the company the utility company uses would have done it, they just cut indiscriminately. The tree service shaped the tree nicely while keeping it free of the wires. I had often wondered why so many trees on streets had odd shapes to them. Some have a big V-shape in the middle where the wires go through. It’s better to hire your own tree service.