A Clean House Sells Faster

When my husband was transferred to New York City for work, we were not given very much time to make it happen. Neither of us wanted to spend even a week apart, so we had to get busy faster than we could have ever expected. It was easy enough to pack everything up and get a lot of it in a self storage building. My sister works for a real estate agent too, so it was easy to get them started on the house. I did a search for move out cleaning in Tampa because we had enough on our plates without having to worry about making our vacated home look as clean as possible.

We both knew that it would attract buyers more easily if it was sparking clean in the photos. We had looked at plenty of homes in the suburbs of New York City to know that we liked the clean ones so much more than the ones that looked like someone had just moved out without even taking a cleaning rag to obvious spots. I knew that there had to be a service that did this kind of work, and I was not wrong.

A local company agreed to come in and clean everything from the window sills and baseboards to the walls and carpeting. They even do windows, which surprised me since so many companies opt to not do this even on a regular cleaning job. It took them just one day to make our vacated house look cleaner than it ever had, even before we moved in ourselves. The house did not take that long to sell, and I know that a lot of that has to do with how clean it was. I was so impressed that I hired a cleaning company to do the same thing to our new home in New York too!