A Comfy Home for Me

I had just found out that my job was going to transfer me to Georgia, and I wanted to find a great apartment for me and my cat. I am not married and my cat is my baby. I didn’t want to have to hide her from the apartment people either. So I needed to find a apartment complex that welcomed pets. Who knows I might even want another cat or kitten at some point. I went on the internet and started my search. I saw you website and it said click here to find the home of your dreams. Yes I was a little skeptical since I had looked at a few apartment websites and their rent was a little more than what I wanted to pay.

I imagined within a couple years if I was still in Georgia I might want to buy a house, but a nice two or three bedroom apartment would be perfect for me right now. Upon finding your website I thought one of your apartments would be perfect for me. I really liked all of the pictures and the ability to see the layout of all of the apartments you offered.

I contacted you right away to find out what apartments you would have available for me during the time frame of when I would like to move. Moving can be stressful as it is so having a comfortable home is a key to everything. Within a couple of days I knew that you would be perfect place. So I got everything ready for my move.

We have been living in Georgia for two months now and we really love the area of McDonough. The people are great. I also love my new home. It feels like the perfect fit for me. I can see myself living here for a long time.