A Two Bedroom Apartment So I Can Have a Library

I am single, and I have no relatives that ever come to see me. I rarely have friends over to my place, and I have not had an overnight guest in nearly six years. I imagine people would probably be very surprised to know that I have a two bedroom apartment since a one bedroom would clearly be enough for me. However, when I first started looking at Scottsdale apartments, I never even considered anything less than two bedrooms. The only reason why is because I feel too cramped in a smaller apartment.

As soon as I saw the Wrangler layout, I knew that it was the one for me. When I first walk into my apartment, the laundry room is immediately to the left. To the right is a state of the art kitchen that has anything and everything that I need in it. There is even an island where I eat when I do have a guest over for a meal. All other times, I just have my dinner in front of the television set or out on the balcony. The dining room and living room are really large too, especially since I don’t use the dining room portion for a table and chairs.

The extra bedroom is next to the dining room, and there is a second bath that is right outside it. I have around 2,000 books, and this is the room I use for my library. I have one of those overstuffed chairs, and I will read for hours while I listen to music in there. Off of the living room is a large balcony that is L shaped, and I have a small dinette set and a comfortable lounge chair there. I cannot imagine living in something smaller than this, and I am so thankful I have all this extra room to enjoy.