A Very Romantic Valentine’s Day

My wife Leah and I have been married for five years. We are so happy together. She is my wife, soul mate, and best friend. I would do anything and everything for her. I take great great pride in our marriage. Leah has been by my side through good and bad times. I did something very romantic for our anniversary. We got married on Valentine’s Day. Every year, I cook a romantic dinner for her, but this year, I wanted to do something different. I took her to one of our seaside residences for a romantic getaway. It was so fun.

Leah and I met back in college. We both had the same business courses. The first time that I saw her, I was blown completely away. Everything about her was perfect. She had the best jet black hair on Earth. Her eyes were so beautiful. She was the perfect mix of Korean and European. I thought she was so perfect. I knew I had to have her. I asked her out on a date and she said yes to my proposal. After a couple of years, we became serious. Five years later, we finally got married. It was a blast.

For my wife, I decided to take her to Hawaii. It was one of her most favorite places in the world. She had never been before in her life. I knew she was in for a big surprise. We took a private plane to Hawaii. At the airport, we were greeted with natives with flowers. Leah was so happy. She had a big smile on her face. Later, I took her to our exclusive beach house. It was very lavish. It had five bedrooms and a giant pool and Jacuzzi. Leah and I watched the romantic, Hawaiian sun set in our lavish home.