Catching the Criminals in the Act

Becoming a home owner opened my eyes to many facts that I had not considered before purchasing a home. Much to my surprise I found myself completely naive to a subject that nobody had ever thought to broach – crime. Crime is a fact of life, an element that we all live with to varying degrees. Growing up in the suburbs didn’t expose me to much crime and so when a friend of mine suggested I install ADT security cameras around my property to create an additional layer of security, I was shocked. Security cameras around my home?!

Deciding that I needed to do some research before comitting myself to a task such as that, I found myself even more taken back when I began to look at the numbers. In our community alone the number of home burglaries was on the rise with 1 in 5,000 homes being targeted and successfully broken into. I couldn’t believe it; why isn’t this something that is discussed more? While violent crime continues to fall it’s crimes like these that are steadily increasing. Is it because we’re ignorant of it? No wonder my friend suggested I look into more security for my new home; I was an easy target without it!

So I did as he suggested and more. Motion sensors to trigger alarms and others to trigger flood lights. I even had some installed around the garage that would activate several security cameras. It might sound paranoid but these additional layers of security have given me the peace of mind that the facts had taken away from me. I don’t live in fear and I wouldn’t have feared even had I lacked the security systems. It’s the fear of crime that allows it to exist but it’s up to us to stop it with the right security to help capture these criminals in the act.