Cheap Quotes for Roof Replacement

I was in the process of trying to fix up my house a bit so that I can get more money for it when I sell it. My first husband mostly paid for the house, but agreed to sell it to me for cheap after we separated. I have never really liked the house, but it has been home for close to 20 years. Unfortunately, I have to seek out a contractor to do a roof replacement in Queens as during the process of trying to figure out things to fix up on the house, to increase its value and whatnot, I found out that the roof is seriously sagging in a couple areas, which is due to extensive water damage causing the wooden frame of the roof to rot in some places.

It was fairly disheartening to learn this news, but I guess that’s just how life goes sometimes. Now I am going to have to spend more money than I wanted to in order to fix up the house. Oh well, it is not like I would be able to sell a house with a rotten roof anyway. I found out about the condition of the roof when I was getting a quote for just having the shingles of the house replaced. The shingles up there now have not quite been up there as long as they are rated to last, but they are showing their age, and I figured it would help to sell the house to put new shingles on it.

But I guess instead of just putting new shingles on the house, I will be putting an entire new roof on it as well. I hope that this doesn’t cost so much that I don’t have enough money left to do some of the other repairs to the house I had planned.