Clever Download Makes Firefox Look Like Internet Explorer

firefox browser pumpkin 7 Geekiest Halloween Pumpkin Designs (PHOTOS)Many internet users become used to a particular browser and don’t like to change it, even if other browsers offer additional features or higher levels of security. The appearance of a browser can easily contribute to the comfort of the user. If someone learned to use a computer and surf online with Internet Explorer, that person may be hesitant to switch to Firefox and leave their comfort zone. Luckily, there is now a way to virtually turn Firefox into an Internet Explorer clone, without losing any of the advantages Firefox is known for.

How is this possible? Themes and extensions are available to download that can cleverly disguise the Firefox browser and make it appear as Internet Explorer, and even offer the same IE capabilities. It might seem silly to go to this much trouble to switch, but there are serious advantages to making the move. The new browser will offer the level of comfort that the user is accustomed to, but will now include the higher security and stability of Firefox. The wide range of new add on features will extend the browser much further than the user has experienced before.

A simple and easy to use download can help anyone make the change quickly and effortlessly. Clones are available for several versions of IE including older styles, offering a sense of nostalgia but without the security risks associated with outdated browsers. Using the Microsoft browser clone may also appeal to Mac users, offering a fun alternative to Safari or the original Firefox. It’s also a great way to compromise in a household that disagrees on which browser is best.

As with all themes and extensions, the user is not locked into the new appearance or functionality of the browser and can tweak it as he or she sees fit. The amount of flexibility is endless, and allows for a more complete browsing experience.