Creating a Pay Stub for Verification Purposes

When my wife and I finally decided to buy a new car, I was really excited. We went down to the dealership and test drove several vehicles. By the end of the experience, we had selected our favorite. We sat down with the finance manager, and filled out all the required forms. At the very end, he asked me for copies of my last three pay stubs. At first I thought that this could derail our entire vehicle purchase, but then my wife reminded me about, a website we had used the past. The problem is, my employer doesn’t give me pay stubs. I get paid by check once a week, but there isn’t a traditional paystub attached to it.

I remembered something very similar happening when we tried to buy our home. They wanted copies of our previous pay stubs, and I was having difficulty getting my employer to come up with something. We discovered that website, which allowed us to generate our own pay stubs based on our actual pay information. All I had to do was log onto the website and enter my pay information. I also entered my employer information. After that was complete, I previewed the paystub, and then entered my payment information. It was really inexpensive, and they charged based on the number of pay stubs that I needed, which I felt was fair.

After I confirmed my payment details, I heard a ding in my email. They sent pay stubs to me immediately. I don’t think it took more than a minute before that email arrived in my inbox. I couldn’t believe that it came through so quickly. So, based on my positive experience in the past, I decided to use the same website in order to verify my pay for my vehicle purchase. It all worked out in the end.