Cutting Coupons and Crazy Shopping

I started coupon hunting after my wife watched a show about it and wanted me to start. I never really cared about coupons before. Whenever a paper would come in the mail, I’d probably glance at the coupons once ever couple of months and still never clip any of them. Since I’ve become a hunter, I now look at every coupon I can find, whether it is printed or online. Just the other day I found an online coupon at the bedbathandbeyondcouponzone, and my wife told me to print it out. She had been wanting to buy some things at the store, but they were too high priced for her liking.

My wife also like to decorate at home, which is why she really needed that coupon that I printed. She will got the store and look at the aisles for hours, even though she won’t buy anything. I’m the same way with technology, but I can at least separate myself from the store after an hour. When my wife does start buying items from the store, she pretty much goes on a shopping spree. She’ll load the cart with everything she can get her hands on or whatever she can afford.

We took the coupon to the local store and my wife went on a spree again. She started getting linens and towels and every kind of fabric that she had an eye for at the time. She even wanted to use some of the fabric to make her own cushions on the sewing machine. I don’t know why she would do that, when the store sold cushions. I guess she just wanted to do it all herself. I’ve done it a few times when I’ve built furniture, even though I could have easily bough it from the store and saved time.