Finding Cheap Electricity in Texas

I just moved to Texas for a variety of reasons, but i do not feel like sitting down and discussing my discussion at length. I used to live up north, and it was not really suitable to me. I will enjoy the warmer climate here, but I am not so sure how I feel about the amount of dangerous animals that exist in the region. I guess I shouldn’t worry about that stuff. But so I have started looking into this electric company in Killeen, TX and I looked up their energy rates.

They are pretty good, at least compared to what i am used to paying for electricity. Back from where i am from, the electgricity is a lot more expensive, and that is the case for a number of reasons. But it is easy to see that Texas should have cheaper electricity and one of the reasons is just that so much of the oil industry is located in this state. There are a lot of oil refineries around and that is a good reason for it to be cheaper here. I know that is the case, because I remember hearing about potential danger to such facilities that was posed by a hurricane that came after Katrina, but during the same year. I can’t think of the name of that hurricane, but I suppose it does not matter that much.

I am the middle of a lot of traffic right now, and so that is the reason that I have time to type this blog. I think that traffic might start going again in the near future, or at least, I have seen some signs that it might happen. So I am going to put down the tablet, and wait until I get home to look up other energy prices.