Finding Something That Interested Me Came by Surprise

I often helped my mom in the office at my grandfather’s plant that he owns. Grandpa got into food processing long before I was born. He has made a good life for himself and my grandmother. Mom began working there as the office manager when she was in high school. She has been there ever since and loves it. Sometimes, she would ask me to come help out for a day here and there so that I could learn what it is like to work in an office. I was more interested in the Weigh Tronix parts that I would see my grandfather tinkering with. I would see him working and wander over to where he was and ask him a lot of questions. He was amused that his granddaughter was more interested in his work than what my mom did!

Mom always feared that I might struggle in life if I didn’t find a husband early on. I always came off a bit scatterbrained to a lot of people. And I really did not seem to care about much in life. Mom tried to get me interested in helping out with cooking at a very young age. But I was a horrible cook, and I also really disliked cooking, too. Everything that mom tried to teach me that many females are interested in just bored me to tears. I can see why she thought I would struggle in life without any skills at all.

When grandpa saw me taking such an interest in what he was doing at the plant, he immediately began to tell me about everything that he was doing. He showed me how he was fixing one of their food sales, and he even let me help him. It was then that I found myself highly interested, and he asked if I would like to come back to learn more and maybe even start working there.