Finding the Most Agreeable Choice

I loved the wedding favor flower seeds that a friend of mine gave away at her wedding a year ago, that I suggested that my sister get some at her wedding. The seeds are embedded in paper, which can be planted, and then they grow into beautiful flowers. It’s quite a modern marvel and really celebrates the gift of a new life between two people. I showed my sister a picture of the one that I received and then showed her the flowers once they grew, and she liked the idea. Her husband to be also liked the idea, and the two started thinking about what should go on their favors. Unfortunately, they had some problems deciding.

No matter which choices they picked, my sister and her fiance couldn’t come to an agreement. I made the suggestion that I could pick a design for them and they wouldn’t have to waste any more time. They agreed and I chose one that I thought would suit them well. I figured they would reject the idea, because her fiance would think that my choice was influence by me being related to her, or my sister wouldn’t take my choice because she would think that I was too friendly with her fiance. Much to my surprise, they accepted my choice.

With the favor choice behind them, my sister and her fiance were able to plan everything else much more smoothly. They chose the cake, the venue, and made the guest list without leaving anyone off. It was a beautiful wedding ceremony, and the guest liked the favors because it was something new to them. There was just one thing about the wedding that I didn’t like, and that was that I caught the bride’s garter. I wasn’t even trying to catch it, and it just landed on me. I think my brother in law threw it to me on purpose.