Gram Said to Be Proud of Our Wrinkles

My grandmother always told us granddaughters to be proud of our wrinkles as we get older. We were all close in age, and she started telling us this when we were in our 20s and wrinkles seemed decades away. Well, we were wrong on our time estimates of that happening. When I reached my early 40s, I noticed that the wrinkles on my face were a bit more prominent, and I immediately started researching Singapore aesthetic to see if there was a way to slow down their progression. I know Gram always said to wear them with pride, but I also knew that she would have resisted if she had the resources that we have now.

She was not able to make an appointment at an aesthetic centre, mainly because they just did not exist when she was our ages. Had they, I knew without a doubt that she would have been there as well. She just always made do with what was available, and she had limited resources then. Since I was able to utilize the services of an aesthetic centre, that is exactly what I did. I was able to find one not far from me, and I read all kinds of wonderful reviews about their procedures and the results.

I knew that I would have a toxin injected in me, but everything was explained right there on the website. Being able to read the reviews of other women who have had a wrinkle reduction procedure done was also really helpful. I made the appointment, and it was not long after that when I had my first injection. The results are rather quick, and my sisters and cousins are now going to have the same process done. Grams gave us good advice. We just want to wait a little longer before being proud of our wrinkles!