Had to Move Across the Metro Area

In fact this is a really big step up for me and I was quite happy when I found an apartment in Grand Prairie TX that is basically within walking distance of the new job. As a practical matter it would be kind of tough to ride a bike or walk, but it is very close and you can easily get there by car within about five minutes. In fact it would have been virtually impractical for me to commute here from my last apartment, it would have required me to get up about an hour earlier than I had been. That would not have guaranteed me that I would have gotten there on time. Traffic is going to be good and bad and if it had been bad I would have been late to work. There is not going to be much excuse for that in my current situation, but of course it would be bad since I am going to basically be in charge of this location.

I love the fact that I should be able to wake up about half an hour before I need to take the key to the lock at the location and open it up. I always hate to get out of the bed in the morning, which probably does not make me special. Of course when I am in charge of this place and I have the key to the door in my pocket, then there is not going to be any excuse for being late. In fact I shall have to be early when there is stuff that needs to be done. In fact this is not like I am going to be the big boss man. There are only going to be about a half dozen people working here, including myself.