He Sees Physics a Whole New Way Now

A physicist is basically someone who solves problems. They can work in so many different fields, because there are problems everywhere. Physics is what makes our world go around, and it is the foundation for all other sciences. That is why I was surprised when my son came home with a mediocre grade in the subject. To be honest, I was floored because he had never brought home that kind of grade before. Even before his explanation, I was already thinking of the research I was going to do on physics tuition before the day was over.

We talked about his grade first, and he told me that the problem was in the delivery of the material. My son is a hands on type of person, and this teacher didn’t really teach that way. All of his lessons were more like lectures, which I know myself can be pretty boring. I was confused on why a teacher would make a subject as interesting as physics to be so boring that it would give an A student a much lower grade. My son agreed that he would like to receive extra instruction, and we picked the physics tuition together after a lot of research.

Just after one class, he showed more excitement than he ever had for physics. He had learned all the real world applications of it, which was more plentiful than he ever realized. He knew that there was going to be some tough instruction in the future, but he was looking forward to it because he realized that learning physics would get him one step closer to whatever goal he set for himself in university. My son feels the best thing he got from this extra instruction was physics was made more fun. For me though, it is that he learned how to take what his regular physics teacher taught him and learn to delve deeper into it on his own.