I Am Almost at My Goal

It is going to be tough to keep going, because in all I am working close to seventy hours in the week and I have been doing it for a month. A friend of mine works part time for a place the does Spring cleaning in Singapore and they took me on. I am just the helper too and it is not a very good job to be honest. However they are letting me work ten hours a day on Saturday and Sunday, plus when I get off of work on Friday they send me to work until around midnight. You have to be really determined to keep going and I am thinking about how badly I want to make the money. This friend of mine keeps trying to get me to invest in some sort of get rich scheme that he is working on, but he has no money and I do not think he ever shall while he spends so much time parked on a sofa.

At any rate I am really tired all of the time, but I intend to go back to school soon and I do not want to go there without any money. That is the entire idea. Since I need about a year to finish my studies I have been figuring out how to save a year’s rent. I assume that I can find a part time job that will easily pay for the rest of the things I need, but rent is something else and I am not going to be distracted by this sort of thing. I want to get back and then really do the work to finish up the job in style. I am going to get it done, but I am going to have to sacrifice some in the mean time.