I Finally Have the Home I’ve Always Wanted

I wanted to live in a nice home all my life. I grew up in the country, and I had to share my room with two brothers. When I went to university, I shared a dorm with three other young men. When I graduated, I shared an apartment with my best friend. All these places were okay, but I wanted my next home to be super nice. I make good money, and I knew that itw as time to get my own place. I finally settled on a Boulevard 88 condo after looking at so many different developments in the area.

I was not strict about location because I do not mind traveling for work. I did not want to be in my car for hours, but I did not mind if I had to drive an extra 10 or 20 minutes one way. The only thing that really mattered to me was living in a nice home. I wanted at least three bedrooms because though I am single, I hope to not always be this way. I want to get married and have one child, possibly two.

I figured it would be easier to have the space to grow into rather than having just a nice one bedroom condo and having to sell it within a few years if I do get married and we have childre. Until that day comes, I can use one bedroom as a guest room. The other will make a good home office for myself. It would actually be nice to have dedicated space for work so I can stay home and take advantage of being the boss in my own way on days that I feel like working from home. Boulevard 88 fit all of my requirements, and I am just happy that I finally have the home that I have always wanted.