I Found the Perfect Coffee Table

I was looking for a specific coffee table, but I was having a hard time finding it. I realized after talking with some friends that was because I was not taking advantage of online retailers. I was not even considering the fact that I could buy one from just about anywhere and have it shipped to me. I figured I would look at the closest city to me since that would likely cut down on the shipping costs. I did a search for Chinese antiques in NYC and was ecstatic when I found exactly what I wanted within a minute or two of going to the website.

It is a 63 inch mutli color table, and it is absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t even know the official name of it until I saw it in this online antique shop. The best part other than finding it as the price too. It was just a little over a thousand dollars. I thought for sure it would be at least twice that because it is an antique after all. This particular one is between 100 and 125 years old, but it is in excellent condition.

The Asian Kang table is red on top, and the sides are a mixture of yellow, green and red. The work put in it is simply amazing, especially considering that this was over 100 years ago when it was done. The drawers actually open too, which is a bonus. There are two that had to be rebuilt, which is disappointing in one aspect, but very useful in another since I do want it to be fully functional. I had the option of having it shipped to me or I could pick it up. Since it was over two hours away and I would need to rent a vehicle, I opted to have it shipped. It arrived in excellent condition!