I Got a Good Summer Job

I started looking for a job while I was still in school and I was not looking for a pizza delivery job. I wanted to make as much money as I could in the summer and go back to school with enough money so that I could make it through the last two semesters on it. I found a place that provides Brooklyn roofing repair service and in fact they gave me a pretty easy job. I had to pass a drug test, although it is probably not so sensitive to marijuana. It is a lot better than what I expected, since I am sort of like a chauffeur. There is this really nice old guy, he is about sixty six and he is collecting social security. He does not really like to drive, apparently he is not too good at it any more. So I drive him. In fact he seems to know about all that there is to know about this stuff.

In fact he has been doing stuff on the side and so I worked about twenty hours this past weekend. It was easy enough for him, because all that he did was to tell me what had to be done. He did not pay me a huge rate, but when it was done he paid me cash to do the job. It is a big deal to me if he can keep getting me that sort of work, since I cleared about two thirds as much as I did the whole week. You want to work as much as you can when you are in my position. In fact I have to save all of the money too, so it is really tough on me when I see all that money and I want to go out and blow some of it.