I Had My First Professional Manicure

I really did not understand the appeal of having a professional manicure until I actually had one done myself. I had resisted the plea of my friends to give it a try, but that changed when a good friend of mine decided to marry her boyfriend. She asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, which I immediately agreed to. However, that also meant that I had to do girly things like get my first professional manicure in Singapore. I tease my friend that the only reason she agreed to marry him was so she could finally get me to her manicurist.

She has gone to plenty of different manicurists in the past, but she has been loyal to just one for the last couple of years. She told me that when you find the best, it just makes sense to stay with them. I thought that one manicurist could do the same thing as any other, but I also knew that I was definitely not the right one to argue that since I had always cut and painted my own fingernails. Did they look as good as my friends? No, of course not, but I was happy enough with them.

That changed when we went to the manicurist the night before her wedding. There were twelve of us total because her mom and grandmother wanted their nails done as well. We had so much fun there, and the entire staff was so friendly and fun. I still was not expecting much difference to my nails, but I have to admit that I felt like a princess when I walked out of there. They did such an amazing job on all of us, and it only took that one trip to convince me that I was truly missing out by not having professional manicures done.