I Had Too Many Empty Apartments

When you own an apartment complex that is only 85 percent filled, that is a lot of revenue that is being lost on a monthly basis. We have over 300 apartments total, but there are nearly 50 that are empty at any given time. I understand that our biggest problem is that there are just too many apartment complexes in the area. It is not that people are not liking what we offer, but that other complexes are offering similar amenities too. I went to www.multifamilytraffic.com to see what they could do to help me with my marketing, because I could not continue to take this kind of loss and not suffer the consequences.

I was really happy that I did this because I was able to see where I was going wrong with my own marketing ideas. I had been focused on getting the word out to people on the streets, but I actually needed to get the word out online. I thought about myself and when I want something. I don’t go searching the streets for what I want. I just go to my favorite search engine and find what I need. That is what most other people do too, and I could not believe that I hadn’t thought of that with marketing until I saw this company.

I felt very confident putting my business in their hands. They have been helping apartment complexes all over the nation increase their leases, and I was no exception to what they can do. They were able to get my a higher ranking on the search engine results, so people who are looking for apartments in my area are now seeing mine as one of the top results. That alone has made it so we are nearly at full capacity now, which is music to my ears!