I Just Got Back from Utah

Of course I went there for a wedding which I really did not want to go to, but it turned out to be a lot more entertaining than you could have imagined. If I were a screenwriter or a sit com writer, then I am sure that I could have taken all the characters there and turned it into farce of some sort or another. I sat down with this guy who was trying to make his ex wife jealous with a girl from an escort service in Utah county. She was incredibly well endowed if you know what I mean, she looked like she would have been right at home in the centerfold of a glossy men’s magazine. At any rate she and I were chatting when we realized that the guy who had brought her was missing. He was wasted by then and the vows had not even been taken. At any rate he and the guy he had replaced ended up in a fist fight, although it was not a very long fight.

This guy was not in great shape, although round is a fine shape in most circumstances. The new husband was six inches taller than him and looked like a boxer when he threw the one punch that mattered. I am pretty sure that he broke that guy’s jaw and left the pretty escort with no one to take her home. I sort of wondered if it was worth taking a shot, but by then I figured what the heck. You get shot down by pretty girls all of the time and this girl was really pretty. Luckily for me she drank a good deal of wine at the wedding and let me take her back to my hotel room. I almost wanted to get some photos for the people who would think the story BS.