I Longed to Feel Safe Again, So We Got an Alarm

Fifteen years ago, there used to be employees who would come through our neighborhood from time-to-time to knock on doors, share ADT prices and let us know that ADT was offering discounts on alarm system installations. It was a good business plan. By the end of the first year, fifty percent of the homes on our street and on surrounding streets all had alarms installed from the same company. We went without an alarm for awhile after having one installed for years, but we decided to start using the same company again after a home invasion recently.

My husband and I have both said in the past that we have been really lucky in life for the reason that we had never gone through anything scary. Up until this last month, I’d never gone through having my home burglarized, never had any strangers show up to cause harm, never had a house fire or any major weather situations that harmed any place I’ve ever lived in. My husband could say the same. Last month, that changed for us.

My husband was away one night to visit one of his friends. I was home alone with our baby. I heard a noise behind me after I put our baby in his crib. I turned toward the noise and a stranger was suddenly standing there. I panicked. He demanded that I give him my purse. I screamed and threw something at him and he ran out of the house. I was petrified for weeks after that. We ended up calling to get an alarm put in one day after I broke down crying because I was so nervous. I needed to be sure that we had an alarm to keep me and my baby safe! The new system alerts me if anyone breaches any of our windows and doors. In addition, if I can’t get to the phone in time if someone does get into our house, the system immediately calls the police for me.