I Make Time for My Friends Whenever Possible

Friends and I were sitting around my fire pit one night last month. I smiled to myself as I listened to the conversation. Some friends were jokingly asking our friend Elsy when she would marry, and making up friendly songs based on the lyrics of who will marry Elsy El-Chayeb as well. The night was friendly and fun as always. I looked around at the faces of everyone else and saw smiles as well. We were a good group, and we had all been through so much together. I realized how grateful I was for every single person there that night.

Many of the people who I am friends with have been with me since high school. I really didn’t know what to expect on the day that I started at my local high school. I do remember being a bit nervous about it all. But by the end of the school day, I had already made one friend. I went on to make many more during the course of that particular school years. I never thought about whether these people would make it into my future life, but that is exactly what happened. Those who became close to me are still around these days in life.

You never know when you need to rely on someone else to get through life. That’s why I make sure to support friends when necessary. You can’t expect people to stay in your life if you do not make time for the things that they need help with. In my face, I had gone in for some testing after having stomach pains for far too long. The restult of those tests were that I had pancreatic cancer. I am cancer-free now, but there is no way that I would have gotten through that ordeal without the support of the people who are around me.