I Needed to See Things Outside of My Perspective

I asked my mother and my sister to come with me while doing some apartment hunting. I’m a guy, and I typically pick out typical bachelor pads that are not very inviting. My last girlfriend was really unhappy with the apartment that I had, so I thought I would try to get a woman’s perspective this time and visit property with the help and guidance of others. Both mom and my sister were pleased that I invited them. They love this type of thing. I usually just go to an apartment, and as long as it looks like it’s a quality place, I sign a contract. But I wanted something better than that this time.

I have always been close to both my mom and my sibling. I have a lot of guy friends who say that they are close to their brothers, but not so much their sisters or their mom. I think that’s sad. I try to be close and friendly with everyone in my family, no matter whether they are male or female. I love getting a perspective from someone who’s not mail, because it opens up my mind if you can give new things. And I always hope that some of these things that I learn will help me when it comes to finding a wife one day.

So as we drove to each place to view them on one particular day, my sister and mother had a great time assessing each place. They both pointed out a lot of things that I didn’t notice right away, but I probably would have noticed them at some point after moving in and possibly not been happy with those things. But when we got to the right place, they both had nothing to say but very positive things. My mother told me that it would be a nice place that I would be proud to bring a girlfriend to.