I Wanted to Get Away from My Roommate and Live Alone

I really was unhappy living with a roommate, so I began started looking around at apartments for Deland FL residents. I had been living in another city, but I thought that I would be happier in Deland as well because there are more job opportunities and a lot more businesses that are easy to get to by bus. I had been living in the suburbs of another city, and it was just too tough to get around easily. So, I ended up being home a lot with a roommate that I just don’t like much. Swinging the rent on my own would be no trouble, so I just wanted to find a nice place that would be near a lot of things in the city.

The roommate that I had was someone who talked a really good game about herself when I interviewed her. She had a decent job so that wasn’t a problem. She had two cats, and I have no pets. I thought that it would be nice to have pets around because of that. And she would be the one who would be taking care of them, so that made it even nicer. I could get pet the cats and have fun with them without having to pay for vet care and all the other things that come with pets. She also told me that she is really picky and clean, and I am, too. I thought that would be a perfect fit for someone living with me.

Everything that I was told by my roommate turned out to not be very true. She was a slob who rarely cleaned anything, much less the litter boxes. And while she had a job when she moved in, she was soon fired and I had to cover her portion of the rent three months in a row. As soon as I found a good place of my own, I put my notice in at the old place and got myself off of the rental contract that I shared with her very quickly.