I Went out Partying the Other Night

The guys and I did not really have that much to celebrate, because we knew by then that we were going to be out of the job before too long. The boss has always been slightly unhinged and we were forced to put up with all sorts of antics from him. Of course the whole time it was his wife who had all of the money and now she has kicked him to the curb as they say. I just had to see a place that does TCM clinic in Singapore because I really went overboard with the drinking. I woke up on the floor of some place and I had absolutely no clue how I got there. Eventually I looked around and there was a girl who was just as hung over as I was. The place belonged to her and neither of us really remembered too much about what we had done the night before.

She was quite attractive and it was real obvious that I had less than honorable intentions when I went home with her, however I must not have had the control of my faculties required to carry out my diabolical designs. In fact I must have passed out in the middle of this drunken attempt at hooking up. Sleeping on that floor did me no good, although it is possible that I may have hurt myself some other way. The guys told me that when they last saw me I was dancing like a complete maniac. I was really pleased to find that I had gotten the girl’s number and it was even better that I had written down her name, because when I left her place on my way to work I realized that I had no clue what her name happened to be.