Impulse Decisions Are Not Always the Best

Sometimes we all make decisions that we come to regret. It could be in relationships, financial matters, career choices, or a million other things. For me, it was getting a tattoo. I have no idea what came over me when I got one, because I had always disliked how tattoos look on people. When I was out with some friends, a few of them wanted to get a small one, and I ended up doing the same because they looked cute at the time. Thank goodness for the best aesthetic clinic in Singapore that I found later though, because they were able to remove it with little difficulty.

The problem was that the tattoo did look cute with the outfit I was wearing. I had on shorts and a crop top, and the flower with a few petals floating away from it looked pretty cool. However, when I put on my business suits, it lost its cuteness appeal. It just looked very out of place. I was able to effectively cover it up with jackets, but I did not want to go the rest of my professional life having to wear a jacket. That is when I started looking into the procedure of having it removed.

I was able to find a clinic that is just a short drive away. They do all kinds of cosmetic and medical procedures, and I was happy to see that tattoo removal was one of them. I was able to make an appointment over the phone, and they started my first laser treatment on the initial appointment. I did have to go back a few times, but those trips were so worth it. The tattoo cannot be seen now because it just is not there now. This has taught me a valuable lesson too about impulse decisions!