It Took Me Awhile to Learn Where My Talents Come in

I was pretty young when I began telling my parents that I wanted to be a famous rock star. I played guitar, and I thought that I could just walk into any music studio and they would snatch me up, put me on stage and pay me millions of dollars. It took me awhile to realize that becoming a star doesn’t work that way. It took me awhile to learn that working to get a music production diploma would help me to get pretty far in life, so that’s what I set out to do instead. I know that my parents are both relieved that I ended up doing something that made sense.

My older brother played the guitar often when we were growing up, and I soon became interested in playing it as well after getting old enough to show interest. He let me mess around with his guitar at times, but when I wanted to use it more often to practice with, he told me that I really needed to get my own. I saved up my weekly allowance for many months to do just that. My parents were pleased to see that their two sons were more interested in making songs over becoming troublemakers like some of our friends were. We had jam sessions together down in our basement for many hours each week. It gave us lots to talk about and kept us out of trouble.

My brother didn’t have lofty ideas about his music. He’s an amazing singer and guitar player, but he knew that he wanted to be a businessman one day. I, on the other hand, thought that I would be known the world over, despite the fact that I do not have a good singing voice. When I matured a lot more, I finally realized that I’m fantastic at making music and knowing how to pick out other people who have a good voice, so I have changed my focus to learn how to help others make songs. It works out quite nicely.