Keeping Myself Fresh and Clean

Ever since I was a little boy, I had weird allergies. My body was sensitive to a lot of things. I found out at an early age that I was allergic to chocolate. When I ate it, I would get sick and have weird bumps on my face. I used to love to eat chocolate candy bars, but I had to stop because of my allergies. I discovered that I was allergic to my favorite deodorant. I needed to find deodorant for sensative skin.

For years, I used my favorite deodorant to keep me fresh. When I would sweat or get hot, it kept me from sweating profusely and smelling foul. I did not want to smell bad around my peers, especially the females around me. I did not want to end up in an embarrassing situation with my body odor. It provided for all my needs.

Over time, I noticed that my underarms were often red and irritated. They started to each badly. I could not figure out what was causing it. At first, I thought it came from me shaving my underarms, but that was not it. Next, I suspected it was the soap I was using at the time. That was also wrong. Finally, I went to the doctor to see what was wrong with my body. He did some tests on me and determined that my deodorant was the cause. I was allergic to the fragrance in my brand. My friends told me about an all-natural deodorant that does not use harsh chemicals. I took their advice.

My life is now a lot better. The rash under my arms stopped immediately. I am glad that I finally found a brand of deodorant that is perfect for my special needs. I feel so confident I feel like this product is made just for me.