Making the Full the Luxury Aesthetic

Many times in my life, I’ve looked at shows on television where celebrities lived in luxurious homes and apartments, and thought it would be nice to have that for myself, but I didn’t have the money for that. Now that I do, thanks to my job, I actively started to search for a luxury living spot. I was looking for something with just the right touch of luxury design, but all I was finding were things with average design no different from what I was already used to seeing from the apartments. It wasn’t until I found that I was able to see an apartment that would be just right for me.

I had found my luxury apartment, but it wasn’t complete. A luxury place needs to have luxury items to match it, and my little computer monitor that I was using as a television just wasn’t going to cut it. My old futon that I got from a garage sale definitely didn’t fit the luxury aesthetic, and neither did my twin sized bed. I was in need of a major upgrade, so I went around to some of the local stores to find some of the most high end items for my apartment.

I sold my old monitor, but I couldn’t find anyone to take the futon, so I just gave it away to the local place that takes used items donations. No one wants a used mattress, so I just left that out for the garbage men to take. In their place, I bought a big screen television, a comfortable leather sofa, and a king sized mattress for my bedroom. Buying these things was easier than actually getting them inside of my apartment, especially since there was no one else to help me. Everyone had other things to do when I asked them for help.