Moving into an Apartment on My Own

When my roommate told me she was getting married, I was happy for her in one way but sad in another. The two of us had been rooming together for nearly three years, and it was just a really good arrangement. She told me she was going to move in with her fiance as soon as they were married and that I could keep the apartment if I wanted it. I had no need for a two bedroom unit though, so I started looking at one bedroom apartments for Northwest Las Vegas residents.

I didn’t mind living on my own really, because I was at the apartment by myself most of the time anyway. The two of us got along so well because we rarely saw each other. We worked opposite shifts, and she did a lot of business travel as well. I just was not sure I would be able to swing a place on my own. I knew that I would need to redo my budget, which I did, and then I looked at some apartments for rent that are a lot closer to where I work.

When I saw Bloom Apartment Homes, I knew that I had found an affordable place to live that would save me even more money since I would not have to spend nearly as much on transportation costs since my work is just three minutes away. That is the reason why I looked at this complex first, and I really liked all that I saw with it. I never knew how much I would like having my very own apartment either. Having a barely there roommate and having the entire apartment to myself are two completely different things, and I am much happier. I am even allowed to have a dog here, something I couldn’t at my old apartment!