Moving Up the Ranks to Become at the Top of Search Engine Results

Have you ever looked at the number of search results that you get for any of the keywords or search phrases that you enter? Search engines come back with a giant number of results with every search. Then they try to present you with the most relevant ones at the top of your list. Now you have to wade through the “Ad” sites at the top of the results before you get to anything else. I found a website that really helps us with SEO. I have been watching us move up from many slots down on the search engine results to positions one and two below the paid ads. That is the best you can ask for.

I have done relevant searches for our industry and products online in our home city as well as when we are on the road, and I am very happy to see our company keep coming up as the number one search result. We have been putting more time into developing great photographs of our business to use online, and this has been a real help to our customers. We have been revamping our entire web presence from our website to our social media presence to increase our customer outreach as well as moving up in the search engine rankings.

We used to be around 8 to 10 spaces down on the search results pages for relevant search terms for our business. The website I go to for expert SEO help had helped me break out of the routine of marketing and get into results-driven marketing. Watching our page ranking go up every month until we got to number one is awesome, to say the least. We got all that way without having to pay for a single search engine advertisement. Our work on providing information and creating a great customer experience is what we are all about, and we represent that well toward our customers.