My Daughter Really Loves Swans

I took my daughter to the play Swan Lake, and since then, she’s been in love with swans. She thought they were really beautiful and would spend a lot of time at learning about them. One day she asked me if we could have a swan as a pet. I wasn’t even sure if it was legal for us to have one. I did a little research, and as it turned out, people living in our area could own swans as pets. My daughter begged me each day for a swan, and I told her that if she really wanted a swan, she would have to prove to me that she was responsible enough to take care of it.

Back when I was a kid, I asked for a pet, and my parents gave me a pet rock to take care of to prove to them that I was responsible. Times were simpler back then, so people had to get creative and use their imagination, but now, we can just use technology. I gave my daughter a virtual pet bird to take care of for an entire month. If by the end of the month, the virtual bird was in good condition, I promised her that I would let her have her own swan.

My daughter didn’t let that virtual pet out of her sight. Every time I saw her, she would always have it in her hands, talking to it as if it were a real pet. She would feed it virtual food and sleep with it while it was in sleep mode. At the end of the month, the virtual bird was as good as it was when I gave it to her, so I gave her the swan like I promised. There’s a pond in our backyard where the swan can swim around.