My Growing Family Needed More Space

I wanted my family to have more space. My wife and I had three children and three small bedrooms in our condo. We only planned on having one child. Our first pregnancy was twins. Our second was our son who came along two years later. My wife and I had the Master Bedroom, the twins had the second largest bedroom, and our son the smallest room. To me, it looked more like a closet than a room. I found a brochure someone put on my desk at work advertising the New Futura in Singapore. I checked, and they had some four-bedroom condos that were not sold yet. I asked my wife if she wanted to take a drive to go see the condo in its final construction phase before occupation. She was more than enthusiastic to go look.

We both were in awe of the tow tower design of the condo project. It has such a unique look to it. We read that it is designed to look similar to a lantern illuminated at night. It pulls that off quite well. I was wanting to enjoy the amenities that the condo owners get to use every day as soon as we showed up for a visit. They have beautiful recreational spaces for everything form fitness to relaxation. There is even spaces for your pets to enjoy outside. We felt crowded in our old condo, so we put in an application to get a four-bedroom space at the New Futura in Singapore.

Even though we first saw the New Futura while it was getting toward the final construction, we liked it immediately. We relied on the brochures and artist rendition images to help us make our final decision. We feel it was a good one, and our children are very excited to finally be able to each have their own bedrooms. One of the twins asked us to not have any more kids unless we get a five-bedroom condo first!