My Mom is a Happy Customer

When my mom was released from the hospital following an accident, she stayed with me for nearly two weeks. She needed someone who would be there for her since she was unable to walk well. After two weeks, she wanted to go home since she was getting around better, but I was concerned because I thought she was going to overdo it. It was ultimately her decision, but I was glad she listened to our concerns as well. She agreed that I could find her a part time helper for Singapore since she was not able to move around 100 percent just yet.

She knew that she was not giving up her independence, which is very important to her. She also realized that if she did not show wisdom in her recuperation, she could set herself back. Since neither of us have ever had to hire a cleaning company before, I wanted to make sure that the best one was chosen. Some people may say that one is just as good as the next, but I do not agree with that at all. There has to be one company that is above the others, whether it is in price, services offered, or most importantly, customer satisfaction.

I wanted the company that has the most satisfied customers, because my mom deserves nothing less than that. After looking over the different ones in the area and talking with a rep with each one, I told my mom that I felt Kleepers was the best one. My mom was involved in the conversation to set up the terms with the company, and the cleaning started that same week. My mom is beyond pleased with the job that is getting done there, and she told me she may keep them on even after she is back to 100 percent. Now that is a happy customer!