My Mom’s Dream Came True This Year

My mom’s sister used to live in California when we were growing up. We used to go out there to visit her as a family some times. We all loved it. But back then, mom was a single parent and really didn’t have the money to just pick up from one state across the country and move closer to her sister. She always said that she hoped to one day, though. When my aunt passed away, she left the house to mom. I told her that maybe moving to San Diego was something that needed to come true now. She had been thinking about selling the place, but I told her we should take a trip out there to check things out first instead. Mom agreed, even if the trip came about just to relive old times to some extent.

My sister decided to come along on the trip, too. All of us were looking forward to it because none of us had the time to get away together for many years. Each of us hated that this was happening due to my aunt’s passing, but we also knew her enough to know that she would be tickled to know that she had yet another chance to bring family together. I had a feeling that’s why she passed the house to mom in the first place. My aunt was very sneaky that way, and she loved my mom a lot.

We settled into the house and felt all the good memories come rushing back immediately. The house had been kept in immaculate condition. We sat out on the back deck that night looking out over the ocean. Mom had made picnic foods for us and we ate dinner out here on the desk. A seagull sat on one of the railings waiting for tidbits. When the seagull landed at mom’s feet and looked up at her, I heard mom say “I think I’ll like it here full time just fine.”