My Music Collection is Going Digital

Music is so soothing to me. I love everything about it. I wish that I could sing or play an instrument myself, but I have zero talent in that department. What I lack there though I definitely make up for in my interest of listening to quality singers and bands. I have a really large collection of albums and cds, but I have been trying to go digital now. Others have been digital for a couple of decades, but I just could not abandon my vinyls. When I found out about a free mp3 download site, that kind of changed my opinion on things though.

I went to the website and looked over the different styles of music there. There was a lot of foreign stuff, which I had never listened to before. Just for kicks, I decided to give one of the foreign songs a try. I was blown away by how good it was! That is why music is so cool, because even a genre I had never listened to before can speak volumes to my soul. I fell in love with the music I was hearing, and I was so grateful that the site had free downloads. Otherwise, I was about to become a very poor man because I knew I had to have a lot of the songs there.

My collection before this was already impressive, but after downloading all the songs I wanted that day, it grew by leaps and bounds. I was not even able to listen to all of them that first day. There was just not enough time, but I knew that I had to download them because there was no guarantee that the same ones would be there the next day since they add so much new music all the time. I am so glad I went digital after visiting this site.