Nothing but Praise for Our Roommate App

I have always had roommates, and one of the things that bugged me the most was when the others did not pay their share of the bills on time. It was usually not because they did not have the funds. That would have been easier to accept actually! It was just because they had been disorganized and forgot that the bill was due. When I got married, I was telling my husband about it. He is the one who said we should talk to an app developer to see if we could create a roommate app that would help them remember when to pay a certain bill.

I thought that was a great idea because I would have loved to have had an app like that when I had roommates other than my husband. We put everything down on paper first. We took all the bills that roommates often share, including the rent, utilities, food expenses and then the miscellaneous expenses. We wanted it to be set up where people could input how many ways the bills were supposed to be split. We also wanted them to be able to be split any way at all, not necessarily right down the middle.

It actually looked even better on paper, and we knew that we had an app that people would really use. The next part was researching app developer teams. Neither of us had ever done anything like this, but it seemed like such a good way to help others as well as ourselves. We would not charge for the app unless people wanted to pay. For those who did not, they would just have to watch ads now and again in order to pay for the funding for it. It is available now, and we have received nothing but praise for it!