Scrap Dealers Pay Different Prices

Most people don’t collect enough scrap metal to need to know the price of scrap metal. For someone like me though, it is how I make a decent amount of money every month. I go around the area neighborhoods the night before their trash is picked up the next morning, and I look to see if anyone has put out anything that contains scrap metal. You would be surprised at just how quickly it can accumulate. People don’t really think about taking a filing cabinet or a piece of lead up to a recycling plant or scrap metal yard because it really is not worth their while.

For someone like me though who collects it on a regular basis, I make enough to pay my mortgage and car payment every month along with some other extras. I was taking everything to the scrap yard that is closest to me, but I stopped doing that when I found a website online that a lot of the different scrap dealers all across the nation on it. I was able to pay just a one time fee to get information on all the ones in my area, and that showed me just how much I was cheating myself.

I had always made decent money going to the scrap yard that is not far from me, but then I saw where a scrap yard that is just another 20 miles away is paying a lot more overall. When I started taking my stuff there, I could definitely tell the difference in the pay just from my first trip there. Now it is the only scrap yard I will go too because I know that they offer the best prices of all the scrap dealers that are close to me. It only makes sense to shop around for the best price, and I am glad I did.