Secret Work Time Game Fun

At work when I have a little free time, I like to sneak in a little video game play time. The My Cafe game is so addicting because I can play it in short bursts and put it back down before anyone realizes that I’m goofing off. Sometimes I get stuck while playing the game because I don’t have enough resources to continue. That’s when I used the My Cafe hack to get out of my slump and start progressing through the game again. Without the hack, I’d probably be starting at my screen for hours, trying to figure out a way to get more resources.

I first learned that I could use the hack on the game when I was playing a couple of weeks ago. I was at home playing a little while my clothes were in the washing machine and had the same problem that I usually do. I needed more in game currency to get past a certain point. It’s possible to earn the currency after a period of time, but I wasn’t willing to wait. You can also pay money to get the same currency, but I’d rather not spend my hard earned money on something in a digital game that has no real world benefit. I searched for a way around my predicament and came across the website talking about the hack.

The hack was pretty easy to put on my phone. I just did a little download and the next time I ran the game, it gave me more in game currency. It makes the game easier to play and more fun because I don’t have to wait for any arbitrary time periods to get farther in the game. It also makes it easier for me to not get caught at work while I’m playing.