Started to Fix This Place Up a Bit

I have had a long time to figure out what I am going to do here and we are working on a good game plan. I have already hired a painter in Bergen county NJ to do the trim on the house, which is a big deal because it is a big pain to do this sort of job. I am thinking that I might have it covered with vinyl siding, but for now this is what I can afford. I have to figure out what I am going to do in the back yard as well. It is probable that I will want to build a big patio and a deck. We have a big back yard and we are going to fence it in. I am thinking that I am going to want to build a nice patio with an outdoor kitchen, which is something that I always want to have. Of course you can do all sorts of things like that. It can be relatively simple or extremely expensive.

Of course What I want to do and what I can afford to do are two different things obviously. Of course I would like to go out with movie stars and drive a Bentley, but I have a rather ordinary girlfriend and I drive a Toyota Camry. So I have to think about what is realistic and what I am able to do on my own. Of course the big problem is to know what you can accomplish and how difficult it is going to be. We have to be careful about planning stuff that we are not able to do and we have to figure out what is in the budget which makes a lot of sense and what is not really in the realm of the practical.