Storm Damage in New York

I have been in the rental property business for ten years, and it has been a successful business venture for myself and my family. The only real problem we have had since we started renting out houses is when we sustained major damage to two of our rentals during one of the worst storms we have ever seen. On one house, the roof had major damage, and the second house had property damage. My own crew was able to take care of the property damage, but I knew I needed a company that does roof repair in Brooklyn NY for the house with the roof issues.

If it was just a simple fix, I would have felt comfortable having my own maintenance crew patching something up. This was major structural damage though, and I knew that it was not a matter of patching it up here and there but actually replacing the entire roof. I had not had to do that on any of my rental properties up to that point, so I was not sure who to call to help me with it. Like anything else, I did some careful research to make sure I was going with the right company.

I found a company that has been in business for over 30 years, and they handle repairs, replacements and complete installations too. I was able to read about the different types of roofs that they do, and I felt confident that they would be the right ones to get this particular rental property back into a safe condition. Even with the major storm damage across the area, it did not take them long to come out and give me an estimate, which was very fair. They had a new asphalt shingled roof up not much later, and I am completely satisfied with their work as well as their timeliness in getting everything done!