The Day I Saw a Big Rat in Our Garage

I’m okay with mice and rats. I do not mind handling pet mice and even big white rats that some people have as pets. They are very smart creatures. I am also okay with wild mice and rats as long as they are outside or in the subways. I have seen a few big rats in the subways that would make a housecat nervous. However, I am not okay with mice or rats when they get into the house. A couple of lots over the old house that sat empty for about five years was demolished. Pest control in NYC needed to be called out to our house and the surrounding homes. Apparently the demolition of the old dilapidated house disturbed a colony of rats. When their home was gone, they needed to find a new place to stay. They were finding ways to get into everyone of the homes of surrounding properties.

I thought my neighbors were just making it up until I saw a big rat skittering across the floor of our garage when I was going to work one morning. It ran behind my air compressor. I went over with a broom and it came running out. It ran right between my feet and out the open door of the garage. That freaked me out to no end! I called the company all my neighbors were using for pest control in NYC to come out right away. I did not even go to work. I called off using a personal day as they do not ask you why you are calling off then. I was not about to tell them I was calling off because my house was infested with rats. Okay, I might have been overreacting, but a rat is a rat! Right? I just wanted them gone from our house. They can go live at the neighbor’s if they like, but they are not living here.