The Regency Just Provides a Better Apartment Living Experience

My wife and I made a big mistake with our first apartment. We did not take time asking any tough questions or asking anyone who lived in the apartments how they liked living there. We signed a year’s lease to live in a place that had practically no support from the landlord. When our lease was expiring, we instantly started looking for much better apartments near Stone Oak to choose from. We discovered that we could get a lot more for what we were paying for rent at our old place. We actually got a three bedroom place at The Regency for what we were paying for our single bedroom apartment.

This place has a pool, an outdoor gathering area with a fire pit, a garage for our car, big rooms and everything is clean and new. I had no idea we could get this much for the same amount of rent money. We still took the time to ask tough questions about getting maintenance requests completed in a timely manner, and we talked to a few tenants to see how they liked living there. The Regency has on-site maintenance and on-site management, so there are no problems getting anything fixed that breaks in a real timely manner. This is important if you choose to live in an apartment.

At our old place we went without hot water for a week. The landlord would not return our calls to get it fixed. When he did come out, he said it needed to be replaced. It took him two more days to get it done. We do not have to worry about any delays in maintenance like that at the Regency. The on-site maintenance team can handle all things like that themselves. I wish we would have taken our time when we looked for our first apartment together.